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In San Joaquin County 52% of residents read below a 3rd grade level making the issue of literacy of great concern. To put this in perspective:

Prescription medicine information is written at a 6th grade reading level.

The health care industry estimates that $73 billon dollars a year of unnecessary health care expenses are attributable to poor literacy.

American business spends $600 million each year on employees who lack basic skills in reading, writing and math. General Motors alone spent $25 million one year on remedial education and the United States military spends $70 million per year on average for basic skills for recruits.

Basic employment applications require a 9th grade reading level to complete.

Imagine being unable to fill out the application necessary to obtain a job to support yourself and your family. What if you were unable to read a prescription bottle to correctly administer needed medication to your child? This is the reality for more than half of the members of our community.

Reading is a skill necessary for a successful and productive life. Your donation assists the Library & Literacy Foundation in their efforts to provide funding for critical literacy programs. Please consider giving the gift of reading by making a donation today!

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